I'm Gabor Varosi. I was born in Budapest on the 10th of December 1965.

My childhood was filled with arts and literature by virtue of my loving parents.

I graduated from the Secondary School of Visual Arts as a student of Tölg-Molnár Zoltán. At the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, master Kokas Ignác educated and coached me. 

During my university years, I traveled to Stockholm as a framework for a study trip. 

By finishing my master's, I became an artist in painting and acquired a diploma in teaching history of art, esthetics, and Pedagogy Methodology.

My mentor Victor Vasarely commenced my first independent exhibition in Paris when I was 22 years old. 

Until the mid-2000s, I had regular exhibitions featuring paintings, photos, and sculptures. I have visited almost 80 countries, and I consider myself to be a world citizen

In the early 90s, my interest turned towards construction and interior design, and as a result, I directed over 15 property development projects as an artistic consultant.

I consider buildings to be sculptures equipped with perfect functions.

In the past few years, I returned to the discovery of my subconscious. The huge abstract expressionist gesture paintings opened the possibility to involve new technologies such as 3D art and blockchain.

As a sculptor, I permanently experiment with fused glass and created a series of modern interpretations of the ancient African and Alaskan tribal face masks as an hommage to Matisse. At the same time the glass, that rigid and fragile material inspired me to make some large and heavy outdoor kinetic monuments that can connect with the viewer.

I’m a man at work, constantly under construction.