The Ars Poetica of the Phoenix

'Carpe Diem'

The beautiful thing about the Great Game of Life is that what seems to be initially a ruinous obstacle, decades later might be recognised as a force that diverts fate in a different direction. If Karma can be influenced at all. According to the aphorism of the 1980s, the creative intelligentsia had two roads to take - one was alcoholism, the other impassable. Instead, recovering from the low blow, I found a third one, the joy of life. Many people reproach me for being a “hedonist” and a “bon vivant”, but I honestly don’t see why that’s a problem. I lost so many important artists and friends too early: my college master, Gábor Dienes; Lacus Szilágyi and Tamás Bejczy both ended their own lives. In their stead, and instead of my students Barna Hernády and Gábor Zala, I must live! I believe and act accordingly: I play and enjoy life, and this offends a lot of people.

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